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Toy Story Baby Monitor

Are you looking for a no-nonsense, all-in-one monitor for your parenting needs? if so, look no further than the toy story baby monitor from vintage playskool. This powerful device comes with a 1952 model 5590 pixar toy story receiver, making it a bit of a classic. Plus, the vanilla color scheme means you don't have to sacrifice looks or features for function.

607/mn U99
- As Seen In Toy Story


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Toy Story Collection the Same Model Super Rare PLAYSKOOL Baby Monitor 607/MN

Toy Story Collection the Same

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Playskool Baby Monitor

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Toy Story Baby Monitor Walmart

This toy story baby monitor is a vintage style model 5590, and is compatible with the pixar movie toy receiver. This toy story baby monitor can communicate with the toy receiver to provide audio and video streaming, as well as control the toy receiver through a controller. The toy monitor also has a few features that are not typically included with monitors like this, including a mini-jack for outputting audio and a built-in speaker. The monitor has been converted to work with the vintage 1987 playskool portable deluxe baby monitor 5590 receiver euc toy story. This means you can track your child's health and development while they watch. The monitor also has a five-position noise filter to protect your child from noise from outside activities. It is a great addition to any home and can act as a simple way to monitor your child's development and environment. The monitor also includes a variety of features which include crystal clear vision, accurate sound quality, and hands-free use. It is portable with a built in baby monitor and is attached to a long cord by a magnet. The monitor has a red and green light up above the monitor that shows it is working, while the toy in the background issimple, simple design with a green and red light up above it.